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Computational Design Specialist

Job Description

Architects 49 LTD., a leading design firm in Bangkok is seeking an enthusiastic and talented Computational Design Specialist to support architectural project teams through the implementation of digital tools and Computational Workflows particularly with the use of visual programming and Parametric Modeling.


You will be part of the Technology department that brings together talented people in various fields while working in conjunction with the architectural project teams to provide solutions and feedbacks including educating team members in use and development of Computational Design tools and workflows

Skills and Qualification

-Excellent verbal and written communication skills

-The ability to clearly articulate advanced computational concepts in an easily understandable manner

-Experience in geometric optimization and fabrication processes for complex geometry and curvature

-Technical problem solver with the ability to work out architectural solutions through innovative thinking

-Initiative and proactive working methodology. Self-motivated, with a continuous desire to learn and grow


Required Technical skills

-Advanced knowledge and experience of 3D modelling software such as McNeel  Rhinoceros

-Advanced knowledge and experience of visual programming software such as  Grasshopper  3D  and  Dynamo



-Experience with programming languages such as C#, Python is advantageous

-Experience with Autodesk Revit is advantageous, as well as interoperability between Rhino and  Revit

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