Architects 49 was established in 1983 by Nithi Sthapitanonda. From the beginning, the vision of our founder has always been an architecture with clean simple elegant lines that will last.

With his keen interest in Thai art and architecture, he has laid a foundation for present generation to follow.

These services enable Architects 49 to work with clients from the beginning of a project until its successful operation.


Our Approach

Our experienced team, several of whom have been with A49 for over 20 years, ensure the practical and economical aspects of the project, with fresh ideas from the younger generations always incorporated into the concept stage. The nature of this team approach has long been our hallmark.


Our Work

The diversity of our team gives us the opportunity to create a board range of architectural styles. On one end our work can be modern and striking, whilst on the other end they can be contemporary, traditional and modern. We approach each project differently and believe that each one should have its own distinctive individuality.



Architects 49 has, over the years, garnered a number of awards both locally and internationally, dating as far back as 1987.

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National Artist of Thailand in Architecture

Nithi Sthapitanonda

National Artist of Thailand in Architecture

Our founder, Nithi Sthapitanonda, an alumnus of Chulalongkorn University and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, founded Architects 49 in 1983. During his years at A49, he has held the position of President of the Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage between 1992-1994 and been the Secretary General for the Architect Council of Thailand during 2000-2002. In 2002, he also received the honor of being named by the Ministry of Culture as a “National Artist” in Contemporary Architecture.

Nithi was appointed as an Honorary Member of the Japan Institute of Architects (JIA) in 1995 and an Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in the USA in 2008. In 2013, he received an Honorary Doctorate degree in Science in the field of Architecture from Sripatum University. He has additionally served on a number of boards, and acted as a trustee for various organizations, as well as chairing several judging committees for numerous prestigious awards, ranging from the Thai Ministry of Culture to Silpakorn University.

A prolific master of drawing himself, Nithi has, over the past 40 years, collated a huge collection of his own ink drawings from his early school years onwards. He has developed a style and technique in pen and ink drawing that is well recognized among Thai architects and students. Towards his retirement from A49, in addition to starting Li-Zenn Publishing Limited, the publishing company of his dreams, he has started to work on the design of religious buildings. Over the last ten years, he has designed a number of wats (temples) and stupas, a few of which have received awards from the ASA. In undertaking such works, he has re-established a public interest in Thai religious architecture, long absent from local scene.